Roasted Fingerling Potatoes with Greek Flavors

Makes : 4 to 6 servings | Salads/Sides Vegetarian

When I looked at the calendar on Monday to see what the week had in store for me, I realized I’m actually in the midst of a very special occasion. It was exactly five years ago this week that I went gluten free! Five years since I made what seemed like a drastic change to my diet in exchange for a drastic–and wholly beneficial–change in my health. And knowing what I know now–that the foods I choose to eat can either make me sick or they can make me healthy, I would never turn back. […]

Chicken and Black-Bean Nachos

Makes : 4 servings | Main Dishes

Where has the time gone? I’ve spent much of the past two months on the road at various conferences and I just realized we’re nearing the end of April. I really enjoy taking these trips, meeting new people, and having the chance to sample some great restaurants in other cities. But what I miss most–other than my children–is cooking in my own kitchen. After several restaurant meals in a row, I am so looking forward to eating my own food! In addition to missing the kitchen, another problem with being on the road is worrying […]

Shrimp and Asparagus Stir-Fry

Makes : 4 servings | Main Dishes Dairy Free

I’m packing my bags for the Gluten & Allergen Free Expo in Chicago, where I’ll be doing a demo featuring gluten-free Asian cooking. (This is the first time I’m traveling with knives. Can’t wait to see how that turns out!) When I teach these types of classes, I generally have two goals in mind: teaching people how to make the foods they really miss (pot stickers) and convincing the audience that cooking Asian food at home is actually fun. I know it can seem intimidating, but if you keep a few pantry staples on-hand (wheat-free […]


Makes : 4 servings | Beverages Dairy Free , Vegan , Vegetarian

I felt a little skittish posting a recipe for a warm beverage this late in March (we should be thinking asparagus, right?!), but then I awoke to 35° with snowflakes falling from the sky. Go figure this Portland weather! Normally I’d be miffed by the late-season snow, but since I’ll be sipping a cocktail on the beach in Hawaii tomorrow at this time, I’ll let this one slide. Back to the cold weather…while researching Latin and South American grain dishes for some upcoming classes, I stumbled upon multiple recipes for beverages that incorporate grains. Needless […]


Makes : 4 side dish servings | Basics , Salads/Sides Dairy Free , Vegan , Vegetarian

There’s a Peruvian restaurant in Portland called Andina that makes one of the most delicious gluten-free dishes I’ve ever had. They call it “quinotto”, a play on words suggesting quinoa cooked in broth, risotto-style. Andina’s version is chock full of vegetables–beets, mushrooms, and more–and topped with Grana Padano cheese and a drizzle of truffle oil. It tastes so good for you, yet completely decadent all at once. I wanted to reproduce the dish at home, or at least come up with one that’s similar in spirit. Andina’s chef was kind enough to walk me through […]

Buckwheat Pancakes

Makes : 12 to 16 pancakes | Breakfast/Brunch Vegetarian

Before I started my gluten-free adventure, I used to think of buckwheat solely as a stodgy staple of Eastern European fare. After some experimentation–a fun project given buckwheat’s many forms–I’ve grown to really enjoy the presence it brings to the plate. Buckwheat groats, kasha, cereal, flour, and soba noodles all claim space in my pantry. And contrary to its confusing name, buckwheat is gluten free. When I first got my hands on some buckwheat flour, I was intrigued by its light purplish color. Pancakes immediately crossed my mind as the first order of business. Most […]