Magic Mushroom Broth

Makes : Makes about 2 1/2 quarts | Soups/Stews Soups/Stews , Vegan , Vegetarian

I’ve spent a tremendous amount of time in the kitchen lately, mostly developing recipes for my new brassicas cookbook (all my favorites–cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, kale, broccoli, bok choy, cabbage…), but also simmering up soups and broths for sick friends. This mushroom broth is something I’ve made repeatedly  over the past year, and it has been particularly nourishing to friends who have lost their appetites to chemo and radiation. The circumstances, of course, are far from ideal, but I’m always glad when I can help a friend along with their recovery through my efforts in the kitchen. […]

Peruvian Quinoa Chowder

Makes : 4 to 6 servings | Soups/Stews Soups/Stews

I’m sitting at my desk, wrapped in a furry sweater, trying to accept the fact that rainy season has arrived in Portland. The first week of rain tends to be especially depressing, mostly because you know it’s going to last until June. Never one to harp on the negative, I’m choosing to think of “rainy season” as “soup season”. (In my head it goes something like this: Eight months of soup? Wow, that sounds fantastic!) And since I have an open box of quinoa on the shelf and a package of shrimp in the fridge, […]

Chunky Wild Rice Soup with Smoked Sausage and Vegetables

Makes : 4 to 6 servings | Soups/Stews Dairy Free , Soups/Stews

A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to teach a “global gluten-free soups” class at Bob’s Red Mill. I’m particularly fond of teaching at Bob’s Red Mill because it gives me a chance to experiment with all kinds of whole grains, lentils, and beans. For this particular class, I prepared 5 soups, one each using millet, quinoa, buckwheat, and lentils, plus this chunky brew based on wild rice. Wild rice is one of my favorite pantry staples for gluten-free cooking. The rice (actually a marsh grass) has a nutty taste and toothsome texture, making […]

Red Curry Soup with Chicken and Rice Noodles

Makes : 4 servings | Soups/Stews Dairy Free , Soups/Stews

The thermostat inside my house currently reads a very chilly 58°. A winter storm knocked out our power last night, and 12 hours later it’s still not back. Sleeping wasn’t so bad; we bundled up with extra blankets and got a little cuddly, but once the sun came up this morning we were at a loss. My daughter and I passed some time with a rousing game of sevens, followed by a few hands of “go fish”. My son had absolutely no idea how to occupy himself without electronics during the two-hour delay before school […]

Eastern European-Style Mushroom and Buckwheat Soup

Makes : 4 servings | Soups/Stews Dairy Free , Soups/Stews

On almost any given day over the past few months, I’ve had a pot of soup simmering on my stove. Often it’s for me, but more likely than not I’m cooking up a brew for a sick friend or someone who needs a little boost. Soup nourishes and satisfies. It conveys warmth and comfort. Soup heals and hydrates. When I’m cooking for someone requiring nutritional support, I always make homemade bone broths and stocks, a satisfying yet time consuming effort. For everyday cooking, though, it’s entirely possible to whip up amazing homemade soup in short […]

Crab and Corn Chowder

Makes : 4 to 6 servings | Soups/Stews Dairy Free , Soups/Stews

I just spent an especially relaxing weekend at the Oregon coast in the company of my husband and our two kids. It was especially relaxing because we literally had nothing to do: no tv, no phones, no friends in tow. We like to call it “forced family fun time”. The kids fought us at first, but within minutes took to the icy cold water–my big toe just barely made it in–with their boogie boards. They splashed around, laughing and giggling, for what seemed like hours. Later we walked on the beach, poking the dried up […]