Makes : 10-12 appetizer servings | Appetizers/Snacks , Breakfast/Brunch Dairy Free

My husband and I have mixed roots–a little Irish, touch of Alsatian, maybe a bit of German–but there’s decidedly not even a hint of Scandinavian heritage on either side of the family. In spite of that, last weekend we celebrated what has become our favorite tradition of the holiday season: Swedish Christmas. About six years ago, our dear friend (and Stockholm native) Catarina was missing some of her native Christmas traditions, and invited a group of us to share this special night with her family. We’ve gathered together every year since, feasting on pickled herring […]

Spicy Sausage-Stuffed Mushrooms

Makes : about 2 dozen mushrooms | Appetizers/Snacks

With all the holiday cocktail parties, office parties, and buffet-style open houses, I’m not sure whether December screams “festive” or just “busy”. As a recipe developer working from home, I’m always excited to get out and mingle, but as someone who can’t eat gluten, I enter these events with guarded anticipation. Think about the food at your average cocktail party: crostini, bruschetta, little tarts wrapped in phyllo dough or puff pastry, sliders, pretzels, hummus with pita bread…Does anything lack wheat?! In an effort to avoid an evening of carrot sticks, I bring along a heavy […]

Harvest Granola

Makes : about 6 cups | Appetizers/Snacks , Breakfast/Brunch Dairy Free , Vegetarian

I’m a big fan of eating savory foods for breakfast. And by savory I mean “this could be dinner” more than “how about some bacon and eggs”. It probably started around the time I went gluten free and realized I needed to stop munching on scones, bagels, muffins, pancakes, waffles and other sweet treats for breakfast. (I’ve since discovered fabulous gluten-free recipes for these things, of course.) My replacement for the sweets often revolved around eating dinner leftovers. Breakfast became a plate full of reheated vegetables, maybe some chicken or rice, a few slices of […]

Salad Rolls with Crab and Spicy Mango Sauce

Makes : 6 to 8 appetizer servings | Appetizers/Snacks Dairy Free

In honor of the upcoming release (next week!) of The Gluten-Free Asian Kitchen, I wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of the recipes from the book. I had some trouble choosing just one–I’m pretty attached to all of them–but I knew I wanted to share something delicious that would potentially even teach you a new trick. Then it hit me: salad rolls! Most people enjoy salad rolls in restaurants, but they’re not quite as common on the kitchen table. Have you ever worked with rice paper before? You’ve certainly seen it in […]

Brazilian Cheese Puffs

Makes : 24 puffs | Appetizers/Snacks Vegetarian

I fondly remember a time when I served warm gougères (savory French cheese puffs), along with a glass of bubbly, to everyone who entered our house. This pre-dinner routine lasted a good long time, in part because the cheese puffs looked and tasted sophisticated, but were deceptively simple to make. My love affair with gourgères ended abruptly when my gluten intolerance began. Fortunately not much time passed before I started reading about a popular Brazilian snack called Pão de Queijo, or cheese bread. The bread, which usually comes in the form of mini rolls, gets […]